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Here at Team Bath Racing we have a dedicated team focusing on providing a mutually beneficial platform for exposure with our sponsors. This ensures that your company and our team form the best possible partnership for many years to come.

We are always looking for companies with which to develop and foster exciting partnerships.  Team Bath Racing sponsors support the growth of the UK’s most competitive Formula Student team, who are constantly developing new technologies at the forefront of motorsport, and enabling the future of the next generation of highly talented engineers.

If you would like more information on sponsorship or how to sponsor us:


- BP

BP, one of Team Bath Racing’s longest lasting partner, generously provide us with all our lubricant requirements while also providing graduate employment opportunities to students. We are delighted to have them beside us all these years

- Progressive Technology Group

Progressive Technology Group supports TBR with the manufacture of precision parts in incredibly short lead times, specialising in advanced CNC multi-axis machining, three dimensional additive manufacturing and composite patterns.

Progressive Technology.png


3DPRINKUK is a professional plastic parts manufacturer specialising in additive manufacturing. They provide a wide variety of services in a variety of materials, with rapid lead times and batch production to meet all of your 3D printing needs.

- Altair


Providing the team with its full suite of simulation software, Altair has played no small part in TBR’s success in producing high quality and fully validated components. Experts in simulation design, their specialties include structural, fluid, and thermal modelling with tools to facilitate the development of high performance components and structures.


AEROVAC COMPOSITES ONE supplies the team with high quality vacuum bagging and process materials for use in the manufacture of our composite parts, allowing the team to produce high quality composite components consistently and at low cost. With their industry leading technical support and global network of facilities, its easy to purchase and use their products to improve your composites manufacturing accuracy in even the most demanding cases.


- Ansys

ANSYS has been at the core of TBR’s Aerodynamics development for many years, supporting us with access to their CFD and FEA software packages. These industry level tools allow the team  able to design and optimize our car to ensure the cars we put on track are the best they can be.




AVL is the world’s largest independent company for the design, simulation, and testing of powertrain systems. Since their founding in 1948 they have gained expertise in all types of powertrain systems, and have supported TBR for many years in the development of our powertrain.

- Bugatti Trust

The Bugatti trust is a small and dedicated group of Bugatti enthusiasts, who pride themselves on the preservation of his legacy of pioneering engineering. They also host the Prescott Hill Climb event, which TBR has attended on multiple occasions to spread knowledge of STEM teaching at the University of Bath.

Bugatti Trust.png

- Caterpillar


Caterpillar and its ancillaries have been with the team since its founding in 2000. Since their founding in 1925, they have been a world leader in the manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives.

- Clarendon Specialty Fasteners

CSF is a stocking distributor of aerospace and commercial fasteners, who provide high quality fasteners to the team to ensure that the cars construction is solid when it hits the start line. Further to this, their continued services in technical support and in house manufacturing mean that whatever part we need Clarendon will have.

Composites Evolution.png

- Composites Evolution

Composites Evolution is a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of composite prepregs and consumables, which are key to allowing TBR to produce high quality composite components. All of their products are developed in-house by their specialist team of chemists and material scientists. Through continued innovation, they provide their customers with the best possible material options available.

- Cross Manufacturing

Cross Manufacturing is a world leading manufacturer in precision machined components to bespoke specifications. They utilise high strength materials and cutting edge processes to ensure that they consistently provide high integrity parts to their customers at competitive prices.

Cross Manufacturing.png
Demon Tweeks.png

- Demon Tweeks

Demon Tweeks Motorsport is a name almost every motorsport enthusiast will know. Having sponsored the team for many years, their extensive stock of high quality specialist parts has been invaluable to the team. From parts to the car through to workshop tools, we have always been able to rely on them to get us what we need when we need it!

- Easy Composites

Easy Composites is a composites provider based in the UK, specialising in the low volume production of high-performance Carbon fibre components for motorsport. Materials to manufacturing consumables, they have supported the teams carbon fibre development to reach the level we are at today. Furthermore, thanks to their extensive library of training resources and tutorials, knowledge on carbon manufacturing is more accessible than ever!

Easy Composites.png
EBC Brakes.png

- EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes are the world’s leading brake specialist, operating worldwide to provide high quality brake pads and disks for any application. They have supported the team countless years, providing custom brake disks to ensure our cars have the stopping power they need.


EPLAN provides software and service solutions in the fields of electrical, automation and mechatronic engineering. Their products have enabled the team to streamline the way in which we design electronics for our cars, allowing the team to efficiently develop cars with wider varieties of sensing than ever before.


- Evolution Measurement

Evolution Measurement.png

Evolution Measurement, works in a variety of sectors, providing cutting-edge technology to facilitate high accuracy data collection in sectors ranging from motorsport all the way through to aerospace. With the help of their products, TBR has been able to improve the way in which we test our cars, accelerating the rate of our technological development in key areas such as aerodynamics.

- Ford

The Ford Motor Company fund is a philanthropic arm of Ford, and has supported the team in the funding of our European tours. With their support, TBR has been able to achieve some of its greatest successes, achieving victory against some of the best teams in the world.



Get it Made.PNG


IGUS is a company with over 5 decades of experience with motion plastics and low wear polymers. Their support providing high performance solid state bearing solutions has revolutionised the way in which we approach many problems, allowing us to peruse designs not feasible with conventional bearing types. Constantly focused on sustainability and performance, they are the go to company for anyone looking for enhanced motion solutions.


Goodridge is a world leading manufacturer of performance fluid transfer systems. Working with OEMs in the automotive, motorcycle, and motorsport industries, they have pioneered products which provide a unique combination of design, innovation, reliability and outstanding service to match.



With over 35 years of experience, Michael J Lonsdale have been key in bringing to life some of London’s newest skyscrapers, such as 22 Bishopsgate and 100 Bishopsgate. Their support this year has enabled TBR to expand our portfolio of engines and engine ancillaries, enabling us to expand our testing capabilities beyond any previous team before.


GetItMade specialises in the manufacturing of custom parts for any application. Utilising techniques such as CNC machining, injection moulding, and sheet metal fabrication, they produce high quality bespoke components reliably and effectively to ensure it meets your needs.

- Multimatic

White Logo.png

Multimatic DSSV is a trusted supplier to global industry leaders in the automotive industry, providing cutting edge damping technology to keep tires on the ground no matter what the application. Their race proven technology ensures that their products are configurable, consistent, and reliable for any application, and their extensive calibration support means that our suspension systems will always perform at their best.

- MSC Software

MSC Software has supported the team for many years through providing us with their leading dynamics simulation package, MSC ADAMs. This software allows us to perform intricate analysis of our suspension and steering systems which has also enabled members of TBR to conduct insightful research, improving the team’s knowledge year on year. Having sponsored several iterations of the team car, their dynamics support has been invaluable in ensuring each car drives better than the last.

MSC Software.png

- Red Bull

This sponsor can likely be attributed to a lot of the work we do in the team, helping us at any times where coffee just wasn’t quite enough. Be it a late night designing new parts, or a long shift laminating a chassis, Red Bull has helped us power through the ups and downs of Formula Student. Thanks to this, we know the next time that an aerodynamics package needs to be manufactured to a deadline, Red Bull will indeed give us wings.


- ProFormance Metals

ProFormance Metals.png

ProFormance is TBR’s primary supplier for materials such as metals and plastics due to their incredible flexibility in material variety and order quantities. Based in Northamptonshire, they cater to sectors throughout industry, including Motorsport, Defence, and Aerospace engineering.

- Robinson Race Cars

Robonson Race Cars.png

For every kind of engineering or fabrication service required to build a race car, Robinson Race Cars is the company for your needs. They specialise in the design and build of spaceframe chassis, roll cages, suspension system and so many other systems to make sure your car performs at its best out on track.


Schaeffler is a pioneer in motion, leading the way to produce high quality bearings for any applications. Their support helps keep our cars moving, both in terms of keeping our wheels spinning and our engine turning over. Their extensive support package has also been essential, allowing us to pick the best bearings for the job no matter the application.




SHAPE combines experience with cutting edge technology to manufacture a wide variety of components at affordable prices. Be it metal components, tool manufacturing, or composite components, SHAPE has services to assist in the design, analysis, and manufacture of any component you need.

- Siemens

Siemens has defined digitisation in industry in recent years, providing software and resources to enable industry to operate more efficiently than ever. TBR has made extensive use of their simulation suite for the validation of composite components, simplifying the design of our composite structures, and helping us ensure our car is strong and light.


- Zircotec

When the engine of our car fires up, there is only one sponsor we can rely on to handle the heat. Zircotec are specialists in heat management, providing plasma spray processing and high performance surface coatings to ensure that our heat sensitive components are protected throughout the race season.

TE Connectivity.png

- TE Connectivity

When designing electronic systems for a racecar, only the best connectors will do. TE Connectivity supplies components to meet this demand, working to create a safer, sustainable, productive, and connected future. With their support, we can be confident in our designs knowing that our products will operate at the same high level that we do.

- Trelleborg Applied Technologies

Trelleborg are experts in polymer materials, producing products that are tough, durable, and fit for any function. Their support has been essential for the development of our Aerodynamics, providing tooling materials suitable to manufacture our aerofoils and wing structures. Thanks to them, the structures we produce consistently perform to the standard we design them.

Trelleborg Applied Technology.png

- Loctite

Loctite are a supplier who specialise in high quality adhesives, surface treatments, and sealants. We use their products extensively throughout the car, from chassis mould release treatments through to structural adhesives to ensure that key parts stay in place on track. Their products are second to none, and we are incredibly thankful for their support. 

- RS Grass Roots

Grass Roots is a STEM Fund run by RS Components. Their goal is to develop the future engineering workforce by supporting students in stem degrees, to bridge the gap between university and the workforce. They also provide extensive support to Formula Student teams around the world, providing components, tools and equipment to enable these teams to produce their designs at the best quality possible


- Loctite

Loctite are a supplier who specialise in high quality adhesives, surface treatments, and sealants. We use their products extensively throughout the car, from chassis mould release treatments through to structural adhesives to ensure that key parts stay in place on track. Their products are second to none, and we are incredibly thankful for their support. 

- RS Grass Roots

Grass Roots is a STEM Fund run by RS Components. Their goal is to develop the future engineering workforce by supporting students in stem degrees, to bridge the gap between university and the workforce. They also provide extensive support to Formula Student teams around the world, providing components, tools and equipment to enable these teams to produce their designs at the best quality possible


- Santander Universities

Santander Universities is a global program founded in 1996, with a long-standing dedication to higher education. They provide grants and support for projects fostering student education, entrepreneurship, and employability, aiming to create life changing opportunities for students which they can carry forwards for the rest of their careers.


- Institution of Mechanical Engineers

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers provides life long learning opportunities for 115,000 engineers across the UK, providing professional accreditation for engineers in many different industries. They are also the organisers of FSUK, the internationally renowned UK Formula Student event which takes place each year at Silverstone Race Circuit.

- Global Technologies Racing

GTR is a leading manufacturer of composite components, with decades of experience and success within high level motorsport as well as supplying countless other industries. Their wealth of knowledge, combined with their rapid response and delivery times, have made them the ideal partner for the team this year.

EV2 logo.png

- EV2

EV2 Sportswear offers the highest quality custom team and group apparel on the market today. They have 40+ years of experience in the design and production of bespoke team kit. They have supported TBR in the production of its newest lie of team kit, thanks to their team of passionate and skilled designers. 

- Heritage UK Services

Heritage UK Services is a commercial construction company, based in the South of England, providing services on jobs of various scale throughout the UK and Ireland, including customers such as Citizen Watch UK. With their financial support, it will help TBR take the 2022 challenger to competitions in both the UK and Europe this summer, without having to compromise on the performance of the car.

Kure Logo.png

-Kure Oxygen

Kure Oxygen is a bottled water like no other, designed to be the next generation of hydration. Sourced from Cornwall, England, all water is naturally enriched with minerals and electrolytes before being filtered in a 4 stage process and oxygenated using ultra-fine oxygen bubble technology. The result is refreshing, crisp, and hydrates better than any other water on the market.

- McMurtry Automotive

McMurtry Automotive is a company with strong ties to TBR's roots, having been founded by TBR Alumni in 2016 and employing many graduates from the team since. McMurtry aim to develop the next generation of automotive innovation, developing high performance electric vehicles with the goal of going faster and further than ever before.

McMurty Logo.png
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